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A while back, I wrote something really personal about superheroes and pop culture and how representation matters – that piece was published last month on ISA Professional’s blog, and I hope you’ll all check it out: Superheroes Save Us from the World.

Read on for what else I’ve published in the last week!

Things that I wrote: 

Dying Your Hair: Before and After Care
Nail Art Inspiration 2017: Curate Your Claws!
Why You Should Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Things that I listened to:

“Hey Alice” – Rachel Rose Mitchell. This random YouTube suggestion won’t stay out of my Alice in Wonderland-loving head.
“Bones” – MS MR. First discovered this song years ago via The Vampire Diaries; it’s been back in heavy rotation recently.
“Pretty Little Head” – Eliza Rickman. First discovered via Welcome to Night Vale, this is a solo version! Still haunting.

Things that I made: 

Whiteboard Weirdness!

I also made the above graphic design honoring Carrie Fisher and raising mental health awareness, which you can find on a variety of products!

Things that I’m excited about: 






Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

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Let me just take this “I Aten’t Dead” sign off, and rejoin y’all here on the Internet. I’m dismayed to see it’s been over a month since I last posted, but there were seriously extenuating circumstances behind all of it. Namely: I got sick. Twice. In January. A bout of the flu was followed by a kick to the throat, AKA tonsilitis. It was horrible, required antibiotics, and was so bad that even swallowing ice cream made me cry. So, that happened and then February has been swallowed up by catch-up.

I’m happy to say I’m slowly climbing back on top of this mountain.

I’m also happy to say I had quite a number of blogs and articles published during these two months, so at least y’all have something to read while I get back into the groove of blogging.

D’ya like cats? Then you’re in luck! Have three cat articles on me. Over at Front Page Meews:

Can Cats Catch Colds?” – Yes. Yes, they can. But click the link to get more detail!

Are You Picking Up Your Cat Correctly?” – Hopefully so! But if you’re worried about it, I got you covered.

Purr-esidential Cats of the White House” – We did this one for President’s Day. It doesn’t have ALL of our First Felines listed, but I covered quite a few!

And now for something completely different – a variety of hair and beauty blogs over at ISA Professional’s site:

Stylish Ways to Wear Winter Scarves” – What it says on the tin. Let me introduce you to some great and different ways to rock scarves this season.

New Year’s Resolutions Get Real” – It’s hard to make real change in your routines, even with the social pressure of New Year’s Resolutions to guilt trip you. I’ve got some advice on how to succeed for real.

Fashion-Forward China” – Have you taken a look at the fashion designers coming out of China recently? Because they are amazing.

Hat-Proof Hairstyles: How to Keep Your Head Up this Winter” – I love wearing hats, but they can play merry hell with my hair. So I researched some of the best ways to combat hat hair while still looking stylish.

Valentine’s Day is for Everyone” – I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but it’s absolutely necessary every year. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be about romance – read my blog on why.

Right: y’all have EIGHT new things to read now! Enjoy, and I’ll be back on Thursday with the belated January design in honor of Carrie Fisher.

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I had several pieces published this very first week of the new year! And I won a giveaway, receiving an ARC of A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn courtesy of Penguin Random House! So expect thoughts on Veronica Speedwell’s latest adventure  at some point.

Things that I wrote: 

So Your Cat Has Worms…“, over at Front Page Meews.
New Year Style: Now Be You“, over at ISA Professional’s blog.
A review of Ghostbusters (2016), over at Nerdspan.

Things that I read:

Woman Facts” by Sandra Newman at McSweeney’s, being hilarious trufax about women.
A microstory about krakens and the sailors who hunt them, courtesy of Micro SF/F on Twitter.
Nine Duels: a Tremontaine Story” by Tessa Gratton, FREE, read it and SUBSCRIBE immediately.

Things that I made:

This week’s Whiteboard Weirdness pieces were all about out with the outstayed-its-welcome and in with the you-better-do-better.

Just over a year ago, I pronounced this the Year of the Goddamn Unicorn. Well, we apparently spent the year playing leapfrog with said unicorn. I guess no one ever said we were smart. Let’s do better in 2017. Thanks to KC Green for my Whiteboard Weirdness inspiration. Fat Unicorn inspired by unicorns by janno-arts on DeviantArt, and by Jen Seng.

Welcome to 2017, the Year of the Otter! Let’s be adorable and flexible, juggle rocks, be vicious when necessary (river wolves represent!), and hold on to each other so no one floats away. Whiteboard Weirdness art inspired by Kat’s cute doodle at

Things that I’m excited about:






Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

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Now it can be told! My reverse selkie story, “Watercolors” will be published in the upcoming Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Anthology, edited by Matthew McFarland. I can’t wait for you all to check it out; I’ll let you know as soon as I know the release date.

Things that I wrote: 

A Pinning Guide to Cat Safe Thanksgiving Centerpieces” over at Front Page Meews.
Our Favorite Fall Eyeshadow Trends” over at ISA Professional’s blog.
Winter Hair is Coming” over at ISA Professional’s blog, as well.

Things that I read:

Dr. Seuss was not even in the general vicinity of fucking around,” being an Imgur set of Seuss’s political cartoons.
#justfairythings: Fairy behavior is truly appalling,” being a set of fairy trufax.
The Photographer Representing her Non-Binary Friends as They’d Like to be Seen,” what it says on the tin.

Things that I made:

Catherynne M. Valente released a brand new Fairyland story this week, processing her response to the American 2016 election. “The Beasts Who Fought for Fairyland Until the Very End and Further Still” is free for everyone, and will be always. I formatted the ebooks for her, so you can download the story as PDF, EPUB, or MOBI as well.


A couple of weeks ago, I doodled up a quick Snorlax for the Thanksgiving-era fridge. After all, my #ThanksgivingGoals were to be fat and sleepy, which is pretty much Snorlax to a T. (I succeeded at this!)


This week’s Whiteboard Weirdness heralds the coming of cookie season in my household! I drew one of Pusheen‘s adorable cartoons for the occasion.

Things that I’m excited about:







Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.


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#RPGCat is a great nuisance as well as a great joy: and, well, that’s cats all over. We love the furry little jerks entirely, and wouldn’t have it any other way. So it is with RPG Cat: even as my fellow roleplayers remove their character sheets from under Tiger Jack’s fluffy butt, they keep petting him at the same time.


Did you know that RPG Cat is a notorious rules lawyer? Oh, yes, he’ll cite you the rules and argue their finer points any old time.


We let RPG Cat take a spin behind the GM screen one session, and the power rather went to his head. No one survived that day! Our characters were but prey between his mighty paws.


RPG Cat doesn’t just make his JUMP check, he SPROINGS in a most amusing and amazing manner.

Yes, it rather seems like everything’s coming up Tiger Jack in the realm of RPG Cat. Everyone pays attention to him, he’s the most epic roleplayer, and — wait, what’s this?



To be continued…

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I’d like to preface this week’s round-up post with this: GET OUT THE VOTE, PEOPLE! Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

Things that I wrote:

Cat Can’t Breathe? Feline Asthma: What You Need to Know, at Front Page Meews.
Fall Into Lush, Colorful Lips: Best Fall Lip Colors and Care, at ISA Professional’s blog.

Things that I read:

The Rain Will Make a Door I: Introducing British Fairy Traditions” by Dr. Alexander  Cummins.
Meet Eight New Afrofuturism Artists Creating a Future of Color” by Shaenon K. Garrity at i09.
The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret” by Bethy Squires at Broadly.

Thing that I made:


This week’s Whiteboard Weirdness features Black Phillip preparing for Thanksgiving with lots of butter. So much butter in the creepy cornucopia of evil. Black Phillip based on Stuart Marcelo‘s wonderful character design that you can find on Behance.

Things that I am excited about:







Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up! You got one publication this week, with many to come. Let’s jump right in:

Thing that I wrote: 

Why Black Cat Myths Are So Bogus, over at Front Page Meews.

Things that I read: 

Nasty women have much work to do,” by Alexandra Petri and published at The Washington Post. YES.
Tremontaine, Season 2, Episode 1: “Convocation” by Ellen Kushner, published by Serial Box. So good!
So You Want to Make a Deal with the Devil” by Matt Staggs over at Unbound Worlds. Ha!

Thing that looks like me: 

I didn’t draw a new Whiteboard Weirdness this week because I love looking at last week’s Headless Cat and other reasons. So! Have a great illustration drawn by Paige Halsey Warren of me and my husband in the fashion of Star Wars:


Things I’m excited about:







Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

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Yep, it was another week of writing behind the scenes on projects yet to be published! This happens often to the working writer. However, I should have some publications to share soon, and I’m putting together a special Halloween freebie to drop in the last weekend of October. You can make sure you don’t miss it by signing up for my biweekly newsletter: look to your right. The sign-up form is in my sidebar.

Things that I read: 

A Tale of Two Rulers, being a web comic by my friend Lorraine Schleter. It is by turns funny, dark, and touching – and altogether a great read for any fans of The Legend of Zelda.
You Really Have No Idea Who the Villain of Frozen Is,” being a hilariously convoluted theory by Steve Wetherell at Cracked.
This Storify of “Seanan McGuire on #NationalComingOutDay,” being full of important words.

Thing that I made: 


This week’s Whiteboard Weirdness features a pune, or play on words! The adorably macabre reference illustration is “Headless Cat” by Siamés Escalante, who is doing #30scarycats on Instagram.

Things that I’m excited about:







Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

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So many things to share this week, and I’m excited about all of them! Let’s jump right in.

Things that I wrote:

A review of Roses and Rot by Kat Howard, featured over at the SurLaLune Fairy Tales blog.
A review of the Stranger Things soundtrack, over at Nerdspan.
Great Cats of History, Part 2, over at Front Page Meews.

Things that I read:

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney: A Forgotten Collaboration That Will Leave You Breathless,” being exactly what it says on the tin.
Delightful Ways We Refer to Groups of Animals in English,” being full of great collective nouns.
In Defense of Villainesses” by Sarah Gailey at will make you cackle with understanding.

Things that I made:

This be a preview of the banner.

This deliciously creepy wallpaper can be YOURS when you back the Kickstarter for Wine, which I told you about yesterday! Let me know when you’re a backer, and I’ll send you a download link for this wallpaper in a variety of sizes (including those perfect for Twitter and Facebook banners).


This week’s Whiteboard Weirdness is in honor of Seanan McGuire‘s October Daye urban fantasy series! The 10th book just came out last week, so a rose goblin seemed appropriate. This drawing is inspired by kadharonon’s cute illustration on DeviantArt.

Things that I’m excited about:







Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

And, of course, I’m terribly excited about the Wine Kickstarter! Back it here: 


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Being a family of gamers who recently relocated, one of our priorities was in setting up a Game Room in our new space. Luckily, we were able to do just that – a disused dining room makes the perfect venue. Large table? CHECK. Space for at least 6 people around it? CHECK. Shelves to display minis and action figures; bookcases for RPG manuals? DOUBLE CHECK.


So now we have the dedicated space for weekly Dune and Star Wars roleplaying games.


Guess what our giant orange mackerel tabby Tiger Jack thinks of all this?




He thinks it’s ALL FOR HIM. “What?” He seems to say. “I’m a gamer. I play games.”




Tiger Jack is a cat who particularly enjoys attention. Why else would all these people, who clearly want to pet him, be gathered in one place? And why would they be throwing little balls, if not for him to bat at?


Above, he conspires with another player. Below, he is become Tiger Jackhulud, great Sandcat of Dune:




And so now? Now, we have #RPGCat:




The party’s doomed.


(You can see more of #RPGCat over on my Instagram feed; I tend to post there first.)


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You may have noticed that I am… a bit of a cat geek. If you haven’t, you probably haven’t seen my Twitter or Instagram feeds, and I invite you to correct that little oversight. ALL SHALL FOLLOW ME AND DESPAIR ENJOY CAT PICS.

Daenerys demands tribute before video games.

Daenerys: “Tribute before video games.”

Am I the Queen of Cat Geeks? Probably not. I mean, there’s Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter – she may be a reprehensible moldwarp, but she also decorated in cats. Also, there are those people who hoard cats, but I’d call that super unhealthy, no crowns allowed. Then there’s Jackson Galaxy, who could probably pull off a crown pretty well.

Tiger Jack to GM: "Do your worst."

Tiger Jack to GM: “Do your worst.”

But! I’m at least a Duchess of Cat Geeks, for sure, and I’ve been sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge over at Front Page Meews for a few months now. This means a bunch of links for you, which you may choose to follow for fun and edification:

Outdoor Cats Put the Hurt on Local Wildlife
Harness Training: So You Want to Walk Your Cat
The Houses of Game of Thrones as Cat Breeds
Understanding Cat Body Language: An Introduction
How to Get Your Cats Party Ready
Catnip and Your Cats: Everything You Need to Know
Busting Three Big Myths About Cats

There’ll be more to come! And while we’re on the topic of cats, hit the comments with your favorite cat GIFs!

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Andy and I (and my bros, yay!) did, in fact, manage to see Elizabeth: the Golden Age today. There was much excited squeeing, though I internalized the majority out of respect for my company. I couldn't help a number of nudges and whispered comments ("I know!" "That was the first thing I looked for!" "I totally called that!") and barely-strangled chortles over parts of the film though.

I am so pleased at how they handled the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Walter Raleigh. I was slightly a-feared they were going to depict a torrid love affair. Instead, we were treated to a believable and estranged love that died ere it began. It was actually quite human and vaguely heartbreaking.

They did an extremely good job in showing us what Elizabeth had to bear up under. They qualified her loneliness in a series of telling social moments, sadly embarrassing scenes of vulnerability and weakness, and stirring images of symbolism. I truly ached for Elizabeth, for what she had to bear and give up to maintain her position and achieve the great things that she did.

This isn't an exhaustive review, but I'd like to mention the film's biggest flaw (in my opinion): they completely threw out the Speech to the Troops at Tilbury. Oh, there was a speech. And it was given to the troops. At Tilbury. And Elizabeth was resplendent in armor, riding astride a white horse. ...And then the writers threw us Generic Pre-Battle Speech #79. They didn't even take the real speech and modify it, as they could have, to fit the film's dialogue and storyline. They just completely threw it away. What bullshit!

Also? I want fully half of Elizabeth's wardrobe. Including her wigs.

After the film, Andy and I stopped in at PetSmart to find some toys for Tiger. We've been more concerned with him recently, as I mentioned: he's staying home alone for longer hours and acting out in new (worse) and exciting (worse) ways when we're home. We found him an amusing plastic ball and a wavy-fluffy batting toy on a spring.

And we also looked at the cats for adoption. We didn't remember they were there until we walked in, and then we thought it wouldn't hurt to look. There was one grey cat in the window who immediately looked at us, slightly gruffly or disdainful, I thought, and said "Mao." We moved along. We were attracted to a tiny calico kitten. I figured it wouldn't hurt to hold her.

Well, the calico kitten was terribly skittish and Not Having With Us. She was brought in as a stray and we fear she may have been a stray for a while, or possibly abused. We didn't press the issue with holding her. As I shut her kennel-door, however, I decided to check out the grey cat who was now sitting at her bars. She desperately wanted to say hello to me, rubbing against the door as she was and putting her paws through to touch my hand. As soon as I opened up the kennel, she immediately climbed up my body, settled into my arms, and lightly dug her claws into my shoulder. She also commenced purring and waiting for the body-rubs.

I held her for a bit and then passed her over to Andy, where she repeated her loving behavior. We talked with the PetSmart employee who told us that she'd been in the shelter for four months. She was brought in by her previous owner, apparently, who complained that they were allergic to cats. She's had all her shots and she was spayed just after she was brought into the shelter. She's loving, a lap cat, and well socialized.

She also didn't want to let go, and I have to admit that we quite melted with her in our arms. And it bothered us that she'd been sitting in the shelter for four months and not been adopted-- why not? And how much longer would she have?

We didn't walk into PetSmart to get another cat. We are still very wounded from Willie's death and no other cat will ever replace what Willie was. But this cat was so loving and in need and ready to go home. And we've been increasingly worried about Tiger's social/emotional health when we start having to work holiday hours at our second jobs. He needed a companion. We needed another companion as well.

So even though it felt a little like betrayal and didn't come without worries, it also felt a lot like the right thing to do. We brought the grey-and-white lady home with us. Her attached name was Sassy, but she hasn't been responding to that. We re-christened her "Kaylee" after that adorable engine mechanic in Firefly: after all, both Kaylee's are laid back, have expressive and happy faces, are unapologetic about what they want, and like enclosed places.

Kaylee, meet Livejournal. Livejournal, Kaylee of the Maneki Neko Smile.
(She totally has a Maneki Neko face when she closes her eyes.)

She initially ignored Tiger Jack and then obviously suffered by him and then hid from him because he just wouldn't let her try to cope with her sudden shift in living space. We shut him away for a little while, though, and she much improved. Now she's actually making overtures to play with him and we feel comfortable with how things are progressing.

P.S. On the last picture I link to, look at the size of Tiger Jack vs. Kaylee. Tiger is only about 8 months now; Kaylee is supposedly over 12 months. Tiger Jack is a big damn cat.
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Willie died today, October 1st, 2007, around 11:30 AM.

I got to the vet's office about 10:15 AM. I sat on a bench in the office and continued working on my notes for today's Biology lecture. My handwriting was a bit shaky. I'd calmed down at home, thinking that she was going to be okay, finally in the vet's office where she could get all due care. Once I returned to the vet's, though, I could feel myself becoming extremely anxious once more.

The assistant called me into a back room and there lay Willie on the examination table. She was just lying there, without even anyone needing to keep a hand on her so that she didn't end up cowering in the corner. The vet turned around and told me kidney failure.

I started stroking her fur, trying to bargain him down to UTI. I pointed out her symptoms, the inconsistency of the signs for kidney failure, how quickly she went downhill. He listened to me, feeling her belly, her skin, looking in her mouth. He told me that her bladder was empty and she was dehydrated. I felt the tears slip out and asked him to do the blood test.

He was back in moments. Her indicator strip was so dark that the darkest side of the spectrum on the test bottle didn't even match it. He said her kidneys were barely working.

He said that he could possibly prolong her life by a few days, but that he honestly wouldn't put her through that or put the funds into that course of events. He recommended that we let her go. And I knew that's what we were going to do because she was hurting so much and we didn't want to keep her around selfishly.

I asked him how this could have happened. How we couldn't have known given the fact that Andy's previous cats sickened over the course of months and years, not days. He said that some cats' kidneys overcompensate for the failure and so there are times when there are next to no symptoms until the very end. Until they just shut down.

Willie always had to do things in creative and exciting ways. She kicked the ass of the fucking kidney failure, but it got her in the end. Our Queenly little Beast.

I sobbed in earnest once I got the doctor to leave the room and turned to call Andy. I strangled back the tears for the phone call, wanting to be able to offer him all the support I could.

I called Andy. I asked him to leave his class and sit down. He said "No," but not in response to my request. He said "No" to the world. I suppressed a sob and started to explain what had happened, but he knew. He saw it in Puss. He saw it in Chessie. He just never expected it so fast in his spirited little girl. Nor so young.

He left work immediately and came to be with us. I stroked and petted her and whispered soothing things to her.

We said goodbye as best we could. She was barely moving her tail anymore and just watched us with dull eyes. It seemed her spirit was just hanging by a thread.

Our usual vet had to leave before this to go and teach an anatomy class at a local university. His partner, also very trusted by us, came in to administer the final rites. He also talked with us, reassuring us that we'd done nothing wrong. He said that 98% of cats who live to old age, without mishap, die of kidney failure. Willie wasn't that particularly old, but he also pointed out that it's just genetics: she was hard-wired to age before her time. (She was the runt of her litter-- I suppose this may have contributed.)

He gave her a sedative. While it was taking effect, she began having some convulsions. She was truly close to the end anyway, and we were just easing her passing. When he came into to give the last shot, I noted that it was a bright and translucent pink. Liquid death, I thought. Why does it have to look so cheery? I could hardly breathe with the enormity of the decision we'd made as he pushed the fluid into her veins. This was an irrevocable decision and it scared me, even though it was the right decision.

We decided to bury her in the backyard of my dad's house. She never lived there, but she's in the vicinity of her original home and it's a lovely place: thick green grass, verdant and spreading bushes and trees, a piercing blue sky. She's also in good company, considering we buried other beloved pets there in the past.

Shelton helped us bury her. We labored over digging a hole, said a few words, then filled it over. Rest in Peace, our beloved Willie. You're hurting no more.

P.S. The vet charged us the absolute minimum price for taking care of Willie. We are in deep gratitude and appreciation.

P.P.S. I absolutely did not teach my Biology class today. I was attending a funeral when it occurred and I really couldn't be bothered to care one whit.
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Tiger is a bit of a clichéd name and, Andy and I being as well-read and -educated as we are, wanted to try giving the kitten another name. Also, he didn't seem to be taking to Tiger at first, any more than he took to Jack.

Therefore, we threw the following names at him, seeing if one would stick: Merry, Vir Catto, Leto, Pan, Winston, Watson, Widget, Gizmo, Milo, Toby, Kirby, Leonidas, Liono, Tigger, Loki, Azrael, and a few others I've forgotten by now. None worked. He truly is Tiger Jack! the Explorer. And, considering how he acts, Tiger isn't so much a cliché as a classic.

Oh, points to those as can identify where the potential names came from.

A bunch of cat-nattering most of you probably don't care about... )

Here's a picture for those of you who like kitty pr0n but not necessarily reading about kittens:

Tiger Jack! is about to attack the hand that pets him.
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Andy and I had been talking about getting a second kitty for some time now. We had agreed that we wanted one, but thought we might want to wait until we moved to a new place: that way we could trick our Lady Wilhelmina the Queenly (also known as Willie) that the new place and the new cat went together. She wouldn't have to go through the indignities of getting used to a kitten in her current demesne.

Unfortunately, once we'd made up our minds, it kept getting harder and harder to wait. I haven't had my own kitty in many, many years and I really longed for a little bundle of furry joy. I kept resisting, trying to keep to our original schedule; however, moving is a year away. I really couldn't resist any longer when my grandmother died and I said to Andy that two of my grief responses were to go comfort-shopping for books and to snuggle a kitten. I already had a Barnes and Noble bag containing Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett and Interworld by Neil Gaiman. So Andy said, "Well, why don't we? Let's do it." on the kitten.

I felt that we should get a kitten from the Humane Society, especially since our local establishment is a kill shelter. Still, in the interest of checking out any retail catteries, we called around to a couple of stores before we headed out to the shelter. We discovered that there seems to be an over-abundance of puppies right now and a dearth of kittens. We also discovered that the Humane Shelter takes their cats out to PetSmart and puts them on display for adoption.

While we were at PetSmart, we checked to see if [ profile] blueinsideout was working. She didn't seem to be, sadly, and we didn't linger long when we realized they only had adult cats on display. (Although, if we were looking for an adult cat, there was an absolutely majestic long-haired grey cat there. She was ever alert and a queen surveying her realm: her name was Madonna.)

We drove all the way across town to the shelter and entered the cat room hopefully. As I walked through the door, I saw a flash of orange leap upward in the confines of its cage, twisting in the air to play with some toy. I immediately zeroed in on the orange and white tiger-stripe cat (who bore the unfortunate arbitrary moniker of "Mello Yello"). He was fabulous, meowing at me and immediately reaching through the bars to bat at and play with my hands.

Andy was crouching down next to a voluble little tortoiseshell, dark and comely. He was also quite keen to play with us. And then we were called across the room to another kitten, similarly marked, who wanted to cavort among us new humans. She was the first one we got out ("Weezy"), but we discovered that she was entirely too stand-offish once she was free of her confines. (Stand-offish isn't quite right... maybe just too uninterested in humans once she was free).

As we were trying to play with "Weezy," a cat I think of as "Mama Cats" just came up behind us and started demanding loving. She was an adult cat, a rich and darkly patterned cat (part tortoise-shell, part stripes...?). She was completely awesome. She rolled over and played with my hand, climbed all over me, rubbed her face against mine, and pressed her nose to my lips. She played with my hair, snuffling my ear, and was altogether too fabulous for words. If we'd been looking for an adult cat, she would have been mine in a heartbeat. I feel really bad about not taking her home, still.

My attention kept coming back to "Mello Yello" and I pushed Andy into looking at him more closely. He had a few reservations about him being male and about how his attitude might change when he's neutered. Yet, when Andy took him out and held him, he was completely sold. The orange tiger-cat just turned into completely boneless love in his arms, snuggled, purring, and content. Same when we transferred him to my arms. And, when we put him down again, he immediately pepped back up and began entertaining himself with an errant piece of paper and his own tail.

We had to take him home. We filled out the application (good to see they're so careful and detailed), paid our fee ($75, since he was over six months and technically not a kitten), and brought him home. After reading through the paperwork, I see that he was a stray discovered in a parking lot of a motel. They guesstimated his birthdate as February 14th of 2007. He was brought in seven days ago-- I'm shocked that he lasted that long, kitty fantastico as he is.

So he's got an appointment for shots and neuter-scheduling with the vet on Friday. He loves everyone he meets. He's curious and active and mellow.

Willie, our dear Queen, is most upset by all this. We are heartened by the fact that they didn't try to attack each other, but she's still warning him off and she's so pissed at us that she's not letting us pet her much. Right now, she's sitting on the far side of the room and carefully watching the couch, where I sit and the kitten sleeps on the back. Poor Willie. I hope she finds it in her heart to come around soon.

We're not entirely sure this cat is going to respond well to names. I initially wanted to call him Jack... because Jack is an awesome name, plus I love the concept of the Jack from de Lint's novels, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Jack the Pumpkin King. (We have orange and black kitties now-- Halloween colors, as my dear brother pointed out. I'm in love.) However, Jack doesn't seem to fit him. As cliche as it is, Tiger seems to fit this kitten much better. So his full name is Tiger Jack! the Explorer. Hopefully one of these names will end up sticking.

Tiger Jack likes attacking everything that dangles; including, so far, my necklace, Willie's fishing line cat toy, and the strings on my pajama pants:

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I have to work on my summer school stuff so that I am free to talk to people after work tonight and hang out with people after work tomorrow without having to crowd too much work in after they leave. I would also like to be able to sleep.

So this is not a post about those dreams I keep meaning to record or my cute little MOO cards and what I plan to do with them or even what I'm reading (trying to) and my thoughts thereon. No, this is a post full of kitty pictures.

I will not apologize, so if you don't like people posting pictures of their cats, it's best to scroll on by now. I don't mind.

Livejournal, meet Willie (who is technically [ profile] sirandrew's, but she loves me too!):

She is 30% fluff and 70% Queen-Bitch-with-Attitude and don't let the pictures fool you into reversing those percentages:

More kitty pr0n...! )

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