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Look sharp, everyone! Something marvelous is coming:


Oh, yes. Mia Nutick is back with a whole treasure trove of new Chimera Fancies, all inspired by Seanan McGuire's A Local Habitation. Goodness, not just inspired by but also made from. With her usual (but never taken for granted!) genius, Mia has taken an ARC of the second novel in the October Daye series and transmuted it from engrossing book to wearable art. Further, each piece has been signed by Seanan herself before receiving their last coat of sealant. These wee beauties are remarkable and collectible!

I have been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the entire batch, and I am absolutely intoxicated by the colors, textures, and evocative phrases Mia has woven together. She never ceases to astound me, or to inspire me creatively. (Just like Seanan, as a matter of fact, whose awesome accomplishments as a multi-talented creator regularly infuse me with renewed energy in my own endeavors.)

I really cannot exhort you enough to keep an eye on [profile] chimera_fancies tomorrow and Saturday for the sale: even if purchasing one isn't your goal, these poem-pendants are more than worth the viewing. Think of tomorrow as a virtual and revolving art exhibit opening!

They'll go live in batches over the next two days, hopefully allowing a wide spread of people the opportunity to snag a favorite. These pieces tend to go fast! So, while you're hanging around looking for those sale posts - and after you've perhaps requested one of your own - come back here and tell me which ones are your favorites. I'm curious to know.

To see past examples of her work, feel free to scroll through my Chimera Fancies tag, or look through Ryan's Flickr gallery.

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Have you been keeping an eye on [profile] chimera_fancies? I hope you have! If you haven't, you've probably missed that Mia has just posted the last batch of shinies in the Valentine's Day/Spring is Coming sale!

You can browse through and select pieces from this post. Get them before they're gone!

Click through to discover the truth of everything I said Tuesday! And, remember, a portion of the proceeds will be privately donated by Mia to Partners in Health to go toward relief efforts in Haiti.
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The first batch of Chimera Fancies has gone live! You can browse through and select pieces from this post.

Click through to discover the truth of everything I said yesterday! And, remember, a portion of the proceeds will be privately donated by Mia to Partners in Health to go toward relief efforts in Haiti.

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It is my immense pleasure to announce that it is that time again: time for a Chimera Fancies sale! Oh yes, Mia has been recycling books, plying shears and paint and glitter and ceramic in a creative symphony blessed by the Muses. You might find that statement a bit twee, perhaps, or overwrought. You only think that because you haven't yet seen the pendants (and earrings! and brooches!) that she's created to transfigure your human hearts into magpies.

I can tell you that Mia has outdone herself yet again; the colors and textures in these pieces! The enchanting, enigmatic, or searing poems she has composed! Even if you can't indulge in any shiny acquisition this time around, I encourage you to keep an eye on [profile] chimera_fancies  tomorrow: the artistry of each piece is such that they deserve to be admired and read often, in addition to being purchased and worn.

I believe I mentioned that she's also branched out into earrings and brooches with this sale? See a sneak peek for yourself, below!


You can see more of a preview (and each picture larger) at this post.

The sale begins tomorrow morning at 7:00 PST. Mia will be posting the jewelry in batches over the next few days until she's put everything up, and she'll only be accepting purchases via e-mail. She hopes that, with these rules in place, people of various time zones and lifestyles will get a fair crack at acquiring the shiny of their desires.

This is the Valentine's Day/Spring is Coming sale, by the way! That means many of these pendants could be construed as love notes, evoking passion and fondness and love and fierce feeling. If any of you were searching for a love token, I'm not entirely sure how you could do better than selecting from among Mia's wares. Of course, there are plenty that are absolutely not predominantly love- or desire-oriented as well!

Make sure you add [profile] chimera_fancies  to your reading lists; don't miss out on this remarkable jewelry!

Important note: Mia will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this sale to Partners in Health for the relief of Haiti; shinies for a good cause are one of the finer things in life, so open up those purses as much as you can! I know I haven't mentioned Haiti yet in this journal, in good part because we've been surrounded by so many offering excellent resources on how to help. If you haven't yet, may I suggest you also peruse [community profile] help_haiti? This massive fandom auction, wherein all proceeds are going to help Haiti, is continuing through noon tomorrow. (That's EST.)

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I'm really impressed by the creativity being featured at! There's an alien doll by C. Jane Washburn that gives me the willies even as I'm cooing "awww...!" and an utterly sublime Chimera Fancies pendant based on "Remembrance is Something Like a House." There's an intoxicating hair-fall of indigo and trinkets and a couple of art-books by Erzebet Yellowboy and Lisa Bernier that I especially have to wrest my grabby hands away from. (Gosh, the blank journal based on "The Long and Short of Short-Term Memory" especially!)

There's... well, just click on the promo pictures below! If you mouse-over, you can view the title of the piece and clicking will take you directly to the description and auction.

For those who haven't been able to purchase a copy of Interfictions 2, the IAF is giving away several copies! All you have to do to enter is follow the directions in this post. They're selecting winners on Friday, so do it quick!

In case you needed more evidence that interstitial art is worth the plunge into weird and uncharted seas, remember that you can read several stories for free at the IAF Annex. I never did get to mention the ultimate offering: "Quiz" by Eilis O'Neal, and it was another of my favorites. So, tell me, "Which is harder to get rid of: a wicked stepmother or a frog that insists you keep your promises to it?"

Also, the introduction to Interfictions 2 by Henry Jenkins has been put up over at the IAF's website: "On the Pleasures of Not Belonging." I heartily recommend it as it's quite fascinating.

Before I sign off, I must warn you all of more impending shininess! If you are a fan of Chimera Fancies or Seanan McGuire's Rosemary and Rue, Mia is having a sale of pendants inspired by that excellent urban fantasy tomorrow! These really represent some of Mia's most breathtaking work yet and I exhort you to visit Chimera Fancies immediately.

Did I mention she's also auctioning off a couple of special pendants already, in advance? Ones that capture the essence of Rosemary and Rue? Or that all of these pendants (including the ones going on sale tomorrow) are signed by Seanan McGuire, and made from an ARC of her recently-released novel?

No? Well, they are:

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Alas, my friends, I have been horribly remiss! Horribly remiss indeed in not advising you that Mia Nutick has blessed us with a Halloween sale of her most intriguing and shiny Chimera Fancies!

Due to the popularity of the pendants, she opted to go with a random-pick sale model for this event. Everyone is allowed to cast a claim on up to five pendants, with one person being randomly chosen from the bidders to purchase each pendant at the close of the sale. Each person is allowed to win up to one pendant, and supplies are limited. Take your chance!

Go look for something pretty. If your taste runs to the folkloric, the fantastic, the whimsical, and (in the case of Halloween), the spooky and the macabre, I promise you won't be disappointed.

You only have until 7 PM PST tonight!
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Wow. Seriously: wow. The sale over at [ profile] chimera_fancies was one of the most frenzied free-for-all sales I've seen outside of Christmas season retail. I could say that sale resembles a bone cleanly-picked by the finest pirahna in the Amazon and that wouldn't be much of a stretch.

Mia's work speaks for itself, literally: the poem-pendants are little sirens in the realm of wearable art. I'm so happy that something my friend loves to do is selling so well: she's even scored a feature on a fashion blog!

I threw myself into the fray with her today, gladly helping sort out who got what by virtue of their claims. And now that the furor has died down, I'd like to bring attention to a few pendants still in need of homes:

If you'll click on each pendant above, you'll be taken to the sale they were featured in. In some cases, there are a couple of other pendants still available as well. Browse around and see what beauty you can find!
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Two awesomely fantastic things are happening on Livejournal today.

One: The auctions over at [ profile] livelongnmarry have started! Hopefully, everyone has heard about this; if not, it's a number of auctions for the express purpose of raising charitable donations to help defeat the initiative gunning to make same-sex unions in California null, void, and illegal.

There are all sort of cool auctions: get your stories critiqued by pros (such as Elizabeth Bear, Kate Elliot, and Rachel Manija Brown)! participate in an erotica-writing boot camp with Hanne Blank! win a tabby cat hat! get care packages or hand-written letters or custom icon sets or signed books or baked goods... the awesomeness is nearly unlimited. There's even a custom [ profile] chimera_fancies pendant up for grabs!

That brings me to the second fantastic thing happening on Livejournal today:

A new [ profile] chimera_fancies sale is going to live!

Any long-term readers of my journal know of these remarkable fairy tale poem-pendants. If you don't, check out my Chimera Fancies tag.

Absolutely not to brag about getting to see some sneak previews, but there are some gorgeous pendants in today's sale. And Mia's doing something new: she's posting the sale in advance of the sale actually going live, which should give people time to browse and pick which ones they want to go for without that frenzied free-for-all fear dogging their browsing. Look for it to go up soon! (The sale opens at 2 PM PST!)

Go forth and buy something shiny!
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Hey, Chimera Fancies Pendant Contest contestants-- remember the lovely pendant you're trying to win?

Well, the deadline for your creative entries is approaching! We must have your submission in, via e-mail, by midnight EST on May 5th, 2008! That's Monday, guys.

Remember: Your entry should be a poem, song, or flash fiction. The poetry and songs should be no more than 40 lines in length. The flash fiction should not be a word over 500 words! Make sure you save your files as .doc or .txt and include your real name and your Livejournal name in the e-mail with your entry attached.

We have 40 contestants in this first competition so, while we hope to announce the winner by the originally announced May 12th deadline, we may need a few extra days.

We look forward to seeing what you have come up with! Good luck!

This PSA brought to you by your friendly neighborhood judges: [ profile] copperwise (wicked fairy apologist), [ profile] cadhla (pretty little dead girl), and [ profile] fireriven (jack of all trades).
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If you signed up for this contest, be aware:

An email containing the rules and submission information went to all of you last night. One email bounced and a couple who did not provide email addresses were sent to LJ addresses in the hopes of reaching you.

The email came from chimera dot contest at gmail dot com.

Please make sure that you received the email. Check your spam box. If you did not receive it please let me know and we will resend.


[Stolen from [ profile] copperwise.]
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So, I have this friend named Mia who makes beautiful things.

They're pendants: small, ceramic, painted in metallic and pearlescent and flat paints, often with different types of media mixed in: flowers, maybe, or sparkling bubbles or little images.

But there's so much more than that: these pendants are stories. They're little poetic fairy tales, phrases built from words cut from old fairy tale books that, when oriented just so by Creatrix Mia, transform the world. These little poems are powerful. They're the distilled essence of folk and fairy tale and myth, and we all know where those live in the human consciousness.

So far, I am the exceedingly lucky owner of two such pendants, with negotiations in progress for a third:


I have received "wicked girls saving ourselves" in the mail already, and all I can say is: Wow! It packs as much punch for me in reality as it did in the picture. For all intents and purposes, I am a wicked girl saving myself. And having such a lovely pendant, textured by a dried flower, red iridescence over pure black, all strung on a red ribbon (easily switched out with a cord): well, it just makes me want to strut a little straighter.

I can't wait to receive "Glimmers in the Dark" or finish up negotiations on "Firebird Outside of Time."

For the vernal equinox, Mia debuted a huge collection of new pendants. Completely unsurprisingly, they're almost all gone. Completely surprisingly, on the other hand, are the ones that haven't sold:

. .

Can you believe those gorgeous pieces are still available? I can't! And, if I had more money, they wouldn't be. But it's lucky for you, dear friends-- you still have the opportunity to secure these remarkable creations for your own.

Thank you, Mia, for your friendship and your creativity. You are enchanting.

(If you are interested in any of her pendants, hie you over to [ profile] chimera_fancies. The "Beautiful Magician" pendant is actually available from her first posting, while all the others are in her most recent Vernal Equinox update.)

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