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A while back, I wrote something really personal about superheroes and pop culture and how representation matters – that piece was published last month on ISA Professional’s blog, and I hope you’ll all check it out: Superheroes Save Us from the World.

Read on for what else I’ve published in the last week!

Things that I wrote: 

Dying Your Hair: Before and After Care
Nail Art Inspiration 2017: Curate Your Claws!
Why You Should Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Things that I listened to:

“Hey Alice” – Rachel Rose Mitchell. This random YouTube suggestion won’t stay out of my Alice in Wonderland-loving head.
“Bones” – MS MR. First discovered this song years ago via The Vampire Diaries; it’s been back in heavy rotation recently.
“Pretty Little Head” – Eliza Rickman. First discovered via Welcome to Night Vale, this is a solo version! Still haunting.

Things that I made: 

Whiteboard Weirdness!

I also made the above graphic design honoring Carrie Fisher and raising mental health awareness, which you can find on a variety of products!

Things that I’m excited about: 






Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

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I don't think I mentioned this on my journal, but Nova contacted me last week to let me know that not all of the previous tenants in my apartment would be vacated by the time me and the other American arrived. The previous tenants were male, and so we'd have one male living with us for the first few weeks.

Well, he's got an ethernet connection and is letting me use his Powerbook right now. Huzzah.

I almost missed my flight out of Montgomery this morning. In spite of being there over an hour early, I didn't realize where the security checkpoint was and so wasn't going through security until my plane was actively boarding. I mildly freaked out, lost my passport in my own pocket, and was called three times specifically by name before I ran into the terminal and managed to get onto my plane to Memphis.

I calmed down on the hour flight to Memphis, and was much more together and calm when we arrived. I found my terminal first, made sure everything was in order, and then did stuff like eat a snack and use the lavatory. It was another two hours to Detroit and then we supposedly had a two hour lay-over... but the plane was late and the flight to Narita started boarding an hour early. So I really only had time to use the lavatory, find the terminal, and wait five or so minutes before I got on the plane.

All the movies on the plane sucked. They weren't what was listed on the website (Shrek 2, Envy, and 13 Going on 30), instead we got Raising Helen, Mean Girls, and The Stepford Wives. (Of course, there was really only Shrek 2 on the other list that I would have wanted to see, but anyway.) The last one was the only one I would really have wanted to watch, but my headphones didn't work and I slept through the first half of it anyway.

Round about hour eight or so, I was sick and fucking tired of being on the plane.

I also had no sense of time because my watch got messed up and it never got dark. (We flew up almost to the Arctic circle, down part of Siberia, over to Japan.) It got down to 8 degrees F and icicles formed on the outside of the windows.

And now Benjamin (the male flatmate still here) has made some spaghetti, so I'll finish writing about my trip later.

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